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GEARS, to the rescue!

Pictured here is Panda and Spot. Both were rescued by Gears (Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society). It is with much joy that DCPRF can not only give out grants to rescue groups across Canada, but, when called up, we can contribute to enormous vet bills, that add up when it comes to bringing dogs such as these two, back to health. Glad we could assist.


If not for organizations such as GEARS, these animals would have surely perished. Please check out more animals they have rescued and are now looking for homes at:





Just 7 months old this little darling was found by their volunteers in their outreach program. They figured she was attacked by a large animal, most probably a cougar.


After many surgeries and alot of TLC, she is making a miraculous recovery. 

Panda, resting with her teddy bear buddy at her caring foster home.



Spot was attacked by a group of dogs, and diffidently got the worst of it.  After much vetting and TLC he is now on the road to recovery.