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Daisy’s Rescue Story

Carla and her adopted menagerie, the person who enlightened The Cherry Family about  the complex world of pet rescue.

Every year tens of thousands of dogs are inhumanely transported from Thailand to neighboring countries such as Vietnam where they are slaughtered by cruel and barbaric methods for the illegal dog meat trade.


Daisy was one of these dogs destined to be someone’s dinner.  She was on one of four trucks stopped that contained over 1,500 dogs that were jammed ten or more to a cage. Many of these dogs do not survive these trips as they are forced to go for days without food or water.  These trucks were chased down and stopped by the police, sadly, a fifth truck loaded with dogs got away.


A wonderful animal rescue group based in Thailand called “Soi Dog” takes in these precious souls and does their best to find them homes throughout the world. Daisy was sponsored by her new family and brought to Canada where she is now in a loving home and being spoiled rotten just as all pets should be.


They can not imagine life without her and are so thankful she was rescued. Sadly, this is not the case for all dogs and most of the people in Thailand do not support this cruel trade and are fighting hard to put a stop to the horrendous dog meat trade.


To read more about the dog meat trade and how you can help support the people who are desperately trying to put a stop to it, please go to www.Soidog.org.