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Don Cherry tries to convince Rick Mercer that he really is a card carrying Fabric Land frequent shopper. This clip has close to ½ a million views and since you like Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation’s Facebook, lets add to those numbers.

Are the dogs that bark when Coach’s Corner is coming on, alerting their owners to their favorite part of Hockey Night In Canada?

As Don Says, “imitation is the highest form of flattery”, and P.K. Subban has the hands for it, plus, a great suit.

Check out Wynnie the Westie reaction to Coach’s Corner.

Coach’s Corner tributes the late original Blue., plus another Bull Terrier, celebrates his favorite TV star.

We wondered if the hamster that was dancing to Stompin’ Tom Connors’ The Hockey Song on Coach’s Corner had to pay a royalty fee?

It’s amazing how some of the larger dogs, like Louie the Shepard Cross in this video, that bark when Coach’s Corner comes on, don’t tip over these small TVs.

Check out Don Cherry playing the piano! A man of many talents.

Vintage Coach’s Corner Clips, with the opening of the Rap song “Grape Jam”. How time flies!

What happens when in 1992 Scott Thompson meets Don Cherry for the first time &  talks about his love for violence in hockey, plus European hockey players & Europeans in the Gay community? It’s classic television.  

This blissfully dozing Cocker Spaniel is set off, by Coach’s Corner.  The menacing growl says it all.  She doesn’t like Blue. 

Don supports not only charities for animals, but check out his support for A.L.S. also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Schlerosis.

Decker, the Spitz really looks like he could take on Blue, he gets so excited when Coach’s corner comes on.

It’s a wonder Bryan Williams & Don are still talking on their syndicated radio show that has lasted over 25 years, since their huge disagreement over “The Punch Out at Piestany.

Bailey the Shitzu, has her ears open for Coach’s Corner, she comes flying down the stairs and tells off that little white dog that bugs her every Saturday night, and she is very pleased with herself doing so.  

If you ever needed a sound bite of a menacing dog growl, check out Dodger, the American Bulldog, showing what he thinks of Don & Blue invading his space every Saturday Night. 

This little black French Bulldog Lucy, is being a blissful coach potato with her owner, when she is awoken by Coach’s Corner.  So much for a relaxing Saturday night. 

Only Don could bring up the dog food Alpo, when being interviewed by a Finnish female reporter asking about hockey. 

Bella, the Lhasa Apso, wants to tell Blue on Coach’s Corner, who is the Queen in her household.

Don shows long before he formed his own Foundation regarding animal welfare, he was asking you to pitch in to the Hamilton SPCA, check out this video from 2011 with the real Blue.

Watch June the Pug’s restful snooze get interrupted with the music to Coach’s Corner. 

What commercial did Don do, that caused the most controversy in so many different ways? Check out this classic.

Henry, the Jack Russel Terrier, wants Blue on Coach’s Corner, to know there is only room in his household for one Terrier.

Did Don Cherry dream at one time that the Russians won the Stanley Cup in 1994?  

From one terrier to another, Cisco the Norfolk Terrier tells off Blue. 

Don Cherry contemplates coaching in Sweden in 1994?

Check out Don’s Ford 150 commercial with a rare appearance by Don’s agent and biggest critic.

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