Sheba’s Rescue Story

Hi! My name is Sheba. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. My human companions abandoned me when I was 15 and half years old. These strange humans in uniforms took me and put me in a cage. I was confused, not feeling well and very hungry.


I was happy when a foster family took me into their home. But after just one day I was back in that cold cage, I do not know what happened.


Then this caring human took me for a long car ride and brought me to a haven. Here I had plenty to eat and when I was feeling well enough I could play and go for walks. It turned out I had bad diagnosis from the veterinarian. I had mammary cancer, a damaged liver and Cushing’s disease. Luckily, my human has experience with all these imbalances and introduced herbs to support my healing. For the last year and half of my life I knew what love was. I was pampered!


There are many more like me out there. After a lifetime of helping “humans” heal, we are often discarded when we need humans the most, when we are aged and ill.