Happy Tails

Pretty Boy Sammy was found abandoned outside an Ontario Tim Horton’s in -30* weather. He then lingers in a pound for months, then happily is whisked off to a SPCA in Nova Scotia. Read his journey in a quest for a loving home.

Meet Suzi, another Pitbull lingering in an Ontario Pound, deemed unadoptable due to Ontario’s ridiculous B.S.L. laws.  Read how we assisted her exit to New Brunswick.

Shadow is one of those “petite” Northern dogs that has paid his dues in suffering. His saviours are many, including us. Read his story on how he found happiness in Toronto.

Hazel’s life has had many twists of fate and unexpected “surprises”.  Her journey, as with many rescues, is heartwarming.

Carrie’s story makes you want to learn more about what it takes to be a “flight volunteer”. Read Cindy Cherry’s rewarding experience in doing such a thing, with great benefits to a Pitbull in need of getting out of Ontario to save her life.

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