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The Northern Spay/Neuter Program

Pictured here with Cindy, is Nikki Burns Founder of The Northern Spay and Neuter Program

This CRA registered charity is based in Thunder Bay.  It works with the remote First Nations communities to assist with their animal management and health issues.  This is accomplished in many ways.  To check out their efforts, please click here: http://northernspayneuter.ca/about-nsnp/


Pictured here is Cindy Cherry with Nikki Burns, one of its founders, at the OSPCA’s Annual Educational Conference in Niagara Falls, in the summer of 2018.  Along with Judy Decicco, who both are “Year of the Northern Dog ambassadors”.


The Northern Spay/Neuter Program is the one of the many partners of the OSPCA’s effort aiming to bring awareness, attention and action to the serious lack of animal wellness resources in the North. http://northerndog.com/animal-north-network/partners/


Please check them out at: www.northerndog.com

Some shared photos:

Pictured here with Cindy and Nikki is Judy Decicco, an Ontario SPCA Board Member at the 2018 OSPCA’s Educational Conference in Niagara Falls. “Good friends had by all”