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New Life K9 Rescue

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Young healthy adoptable dogs are killed weekly in overcrowded shelters in the southern U.S. States.  Because of this fact this organization partners  with several other U.S. based Rescue groups to then send these dogs via D.A.R.T. (Delta Airlines Rescue Transport) https://www.dartrescuetransport.com/ ,  Turbo Tails Transport, & Ruff Raiders, to get them on the road to a better life.


Once they arrive in Buffalo NY, dedicated volunteers pick them up and cross the border with these spayed/neutered & fully veterinarian health certified dogs.  They then meet their ever-waiting newly adopted owners.  What a system that takes much time and co-ordination by all parties.



Please check them out at: www.newlifek9resq.ca

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