Cindy’s Pet Talk

Episode 5:

More Thoughts on Pet Food

Cindy & Tim continue their talk about pet food, but not before Tim asks about her past jobs referencing other animal’s diet.


Pictured here are the entrance gates to Seneca Park Zoo, in Rochester, NY. built in 1894.

It is here that one of Cindy’s summer job (1973) led her to many adventures. Read more at:

– Seems this zoo may have a reputation:

Rated #4 by both Always Pets & In Defense of Animals as they list worse zoos in the U.S. Check out why at:


Tending to thoroughbred racehorses at Rockingham Raceways, taught Cindy a lot about life on the

Back-track. Read about these experiences at:

Gerry Cheever’s racehorse the famous Royal Ski. Other of Gerry’s horses were named Around the Boards & Off the Glass & if you know Don Cherry’s style of coaching you’ll know why.


Speaking of Hockey and dog food. Check out this video of Don Cherry being interviewed by a Finnish female reporter concerning the trouble he got in when he questioned if Ron was referencing dog food, when asked about the Winnipeg Jets assistant coach Alpo Suhonen. (the team owner at the time did try to sue him until the judge realized there actually was a dog food called Alpo (which Don’s dog Blue ate).


Here’s the link Cindy mentions to inquire about Prescription Pet Food.


One of the many organizations this Foundation donates is the Ontario Wildlife Rescue. Please click here to read more about this wonderful group:

Remember, as Cindy said in her broadcast, they receive NO government funding whatsoever.



Read their enlightening articles such as Ontario’s bear hunt. They not only give you their Bear Facts, but the government’s version of its justification. Plus, what you can do if you oppose it, such as MPP’s contact info & interesting stats to back up their convictions. In one season 274 bear cubs were orphaned due to the hunt & there have been only 7 fatal Black bear attacks in Ontario in over 100 yrs.


Don’t forget to learn how hunters practice bear baiting. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel,

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