Cindy’s Pet Talk

Episode 3:

Misconceptions of Don Cherry

In this episode, Cindy and Tim talk about some misconceptions about Don Cherry. One glaring one is the perception of Don being a macho-type guy. They talk about him, as like Duane Lee Chapman (AKA Dog – The Bounty Hunter), not liking the UFC’s Mixed Martial Arts.


Plus, who could forget him with his arm around Scott Thompson on the late-night talk show of Ben Beregumi? Click here to watch this classic!


What does Don equate to shooting fish in barrel?

Rose & Don holding the producer of this podcast in 1995

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Tim & Cindy discuss Dad giving the edge to a lonely, frightened feeder goldfish. Plus, Tim tells of tales of his Dad’s museum visits.


Of course, look no further then the bitter woman on the TV show “The Social” to call Dad a bigot & misogynist. She later apoligized for her narrow stereotyping rant, that the hockey culture is full of unworldly, bullying white boys. I bet she would never believe that Don was one of the first coaches to let a woman in the dressing room.

Watch her and see what she said & later apoligized for, in order to keep her job.


Tim and Cindy address him being accused of being misogynist. There are so many instances where he stood up for women its hard to address them all.  He doesn’t think women are equal to men, he holds them to a higher level.  No one knows of him straightening out a newbie sportscaster to HNIC for treating the make-up lady disrespectful. Or not allowing swearing in front of women. The only producer of HNIC that had any type of influence on him or whose opinion he valued was a woman. He was married to a woman that guided his life. Money, scheduling, life’s strategies, Rose did it all.


Of course, the all-time default for reporters and intellectuals is to call Don xenophobic & racist. But it’s amusing that Nazem Kadri, who is Muslim of Lebanese decent had this to say about Don. (Unlike some players like Bo Horvat)

For the full interview on HNIC with Nazem click here:


“(Cherry) has been there for so long, it’s going to be hard to see (Hockey Night in Canada) without him, that’s definitely unfortunate,” Kadri said. “I know Grapes and I don’t think it came across like everyone is making it sound. I think with what he said, it was maybe just said incorrectly. People maybe took it out of context a little bit. I know Grapes is a great person and am sad to see him go.”


It should be noted here that Nazem asked Don Cherry to join him in his summer of 2022 visit to London when he brought the Stanley Cup to the city where he played in his Junior years.


Here’s a quote directly from Don Cherry, when you get frustrated in not understanding someone with a heavy accent, “remember, they speak one more language then you”.


No doubt Don’s favorite pet was his dog named Blue, even though the only person she ever bit was him, which Tim & Cindy explain why and the outcome.  But he also valued his canaries and his goldfish.


Norwich canary.

Lionhead Oranda goldfish – both with big heads that Dad values.

The Cherry’s never owned a cat, perhaps this is why:


Most dog owners one time or another have to deal with their dog tangling with a skunk. But it’s hard to top their story with Blue and the skunk fighting it out and them both rolling into a basement-window well.


For the best recipe to fight the odor: ¼ cup baking soda, 1-2 tsp dishwashing soap, 1 quart of Hydrogen Peroxide, mix well onto the coat & leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse. If you want to also shampoo, use “Nature’s Miracle”.  There is never a 100% cure as Tim explains.


In this episode the Rescue group that is highlighted is Litters n’ Critters Rescue Society in Nova Scotia. The Foundation’s grant was to assist in Sierra’s recover, as seen here:

For more information on Litters n’ Critters Rescue Society please click here>>




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