Cindy’s Pet Talk

Episode 9:

Communication with your Groomer

This episode was a continuation of Cindy & Tim talking about taking your dog to its stylist.


Some Topics of Discussion:


What not to tell your groomer: “his coat is in great condition” to “I brush him every day”, knowing you don’t!


How to make life easier on your groomer: pick one: collar/harness/halti to leave the dog’s coat in the car


What should the groomer discuss with you: your expectations to you need the dog finished by a certain time

Read Cindy’s blog titled: Dog Groomers/Tipping/ & Attitudes @


Knowing she would take a hit from the lovers of Cocker Spaniels, she discusses a scenario known to the Cherry Family as, “eliminating the Cocker Spaniels in your life”. These “dogs” can come in many forms, so read her blog on this subject


Of course, Cindy’s favorite type of grooming establishment is the mobile kind, no doubt because she started Canada’s first mobile salon called Cherry’s Groomobile.

Mary Garofalo
(7-time Emmy award winner)

Jeanne Beker
(Hosted world-famous Fashion Television, author, fashion designer ++)

These two ladies debated who gets to interview Cindy while she grooms their boss’s (Moses Znaimer-owner of City-TV) dog Bogart.

To see who won out and view the entire interview click here:

To view some of Cindy’s appearances on City TV’s City Line – Click here:

The discussion then leads to another celebrity’s dog that Cindy groomed, one being Puck, another Bouvier des Flandres, one of her favorite breeds for intelligence. This blond beauty was owned by Harold Ballard who not only owned the Toronto Maple Leafs but the Hamilton Ticats. (Obviously he wasn’t groomed for this picture!)

We know Puck, but how many other infamous people can you name here?

Don Cherry’s Bruins showing their support for the Argos against Mr. Ballard’s Hamilton TiCats. This banner was shown through the singing of the National Anthems and of course made it onto Hockey Night in Canada’s  broadcast, much to the chagrin of Harold.

Cindy gives some grooming tips to City Line TV viewers: Click here to view

Cindy at Canada’s first Canadian Dog Groomers Association seminar. Check out her French Manicure…remember it’s the 80’s, when nail salons weren’t on every street corner & the French manicure was almost unheard of!   

Since this episode ran long, Cindy & Tim agreed to continue these conversations in episode 7A. Topics included are the do’s and don’t of talking to your groomer, while Cindy tells about some of her more memorable clients and the rescue group AniMatch is discussed.

If you enjoy these podcasts, you may enjoy reading Cindy’s Blogs that are alot more then just about dog grooming

Listen to Episode 9 of Cindy’s Pet Talk: