Cindy’s Pet Talk

Episode 2:

Don Cherry Visits the Podcast
In this episode Cindy and Tim sit down with their Dad, Don Cherry. They can only hope that this podcast can only be one millionth as popular as his. With close to 5 million downloads, they sure have a ways to go.

The logo for Don’s podcast has him giving his signature “thumbs-up” pose. Of which, CBC used also, but not before changing Don’s hand position, as not to make it look like he is holding a gun. True story.

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Check out Don’s real Facebook page. Informative, fun and authentic. 


Cindy’s favourite post that all Hockey Parents can identify with:

Don talks a bit about growing up and his pets.  For more about his passion for animals and why he started his Foundation click here:

Cindy talks about her Dad having an influence on her concerning her love of animals. 

For more insightfulness on this subject click here:

Cindy with her “Dad’s dog, Dudgeon”.

Cindy & Don talk about how Don got to be Father of the Year when it came to giving Cindy the puppy seen in this picture.


Listen how life changed for Don and his family once they got Blue. For, in less then 4 years, he went from being unemployed to coaching Bobby Orr.

From left to right – O.H.L.’s 1999 No.1 IceDog draft pick- Jason Spezza with his agent Mr. Orr, Del Cherry producer of this podcast with his Grandfather, owner of the Mississauga IceDogs. .

According to Blue and Don Cherry ”.

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