Cindy’s Pet Talk

Episode 13:

Finding a good kennel and veterinarian

In this episode Cindy starts off with what she looks for in a kennel & what are the alternatives? Plus, points about picking a veterinarian and highlighting Save Me Dog Rescue.


She emphasizes the importance of first impressions and your gut feeling about a kennel.



– Cleanliness and the “smell”

– Tour the place

– Dog runs vs cages

– Can you leave items with your dog: food/toys/medication

– Requirements from the owners: proof of vaccinations, contact #’s ect.

– Management knows how to “read” your dog’s personality ie: ball fetching with a pack of dogs


Remember- TIP beforehand, not after you pick up your pet.



– House sitters – meaning live-in or visits multiple times per day

– Veterinarians  board dogs – so you may feel more comfortable with a vet on staff


Who to ask about a kennel? “The Usual Suspects” (one of Cindy’s favorite lines, that says it all, taken from the 1942 classic movie Casablanca)

– Friends, vets, trainers, groomers, dog walkers


Cindy and Tim talk about their past experiences with several veterinarians, plus points to ponder:


– Do you get a good feel from the vet’s staff? Knowledgeable & friendly?

– Do they let you go into the examination room, if you want to?

– Do they not take offense if you want a 2nd opinion

– Do they explain things thoroughly, but not condescending like?

– If multiple vets can you insist on the same doctor each time?

– Do they follow up on past exams and show concern about the dog’s health

– How do they handle emergencies, in availability.

– Has no problem in recommending a specialist if need be


How do you find a vet for your dog? See above, as in Usual Suspects plus to state the obvious, is it clean with no doggy smells or odor. Remember, rapport & being comfortable with your vet is the key to continued good health for your pet.


The rescue group highlighted in this episode was Save Me Dog Rescue, please click here to read more about them and the bonded pair of Sophia & Rosie found as strays in Quebec that they rescued:

The discussion about this group leads Cindy into questioning people that say they’d like to adopt a dog, but they can’t find smaller ones. Plus, the high cost of getting rescue dogs in good health to be ready for adoption.

Listen to Episode 13 of Cindy’s Pet Talk: