Cindy’s Pet Talk

Episode 2:

Feeding your pet.

PS: this is not Cindy’s house, it was Red’s previous owner.

Cindy & Tim along with most pet owners discussed their quandary of dog food.


Lots of marketing dollars go into getting you to decide what food you should feed your pet.


Kibble, wet, semi-moist, prescription, raw, grain-free, natural, organic, plus for seniors, pups, overweight dogs, active & couch potatoes, what’s a pet owner to do? Especially when your dog is allergic to something, but you don’t know what, and/or it’s a picky eater.


Check out Cindy’s dog Red who by the looks of these pictures with people food 15” from where he is sleeping is not that motivated to eat.


However, since him coming into the Cherry household, he has adopted the habit of saving half his food for the late-night munchies.


Read Red’s adoption story at:


PS: this is not Cindy’s house, it was Red’s previous owner.

Eating only right to left.

4-H Humor

Promise Land Sanctuary is the highlighted group in this episode which has received a grant.  

One of its many missions is to promote kind & compassionate lifestyle choices through public education.  Click here for more about them:


Many of the animals that find refuge in their care are abused livestock. This leads to Tim mentioning that he would like to think that farmers are getting more compassionate to their animals, more so than they used to be. This may be due to the commercials we all see on TV regarding such hopefulness. Cindy writes a blog about these commercials & welcomes you to read it at:


While talking about compassion toward livestock Cindy brings up her blog questioning an article she read in MacLean’s magazine regarding 4-H clubs. Does it instill what we want in our children?

The siblings debate which makes for some fun listening.


Read Cindy’s blog regarding poor Turbo & his 10 year old owner at:

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