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Buddy’s Kitchen

Buddy’s Kitchen was founded by Peter Kaufman in 2011 based in Aurora, Ontario. It quickly became known as a company that makes high quality and affordable products. It was important to The Cherry Family that any product they are associated with must be made in Canada, be affordable but not skimp on the quality of ingredients.


Buddy’s Kitchen fit that need and more. Buddy’s Kitchen is a state of the art facility with an open window concept, that has eliminated mystery meats, ingredients, and practices long associated with pet treats.  Peter has taken a special interest in seeing that Simply Pets is a success, due to his recognition of the association between Simply Pets and Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation in wanting to give back to animal welfare here in Canada.


Peter has stepped up to the plate in his focus, by attending trade shows with Simply Pets and providing support for the Foundation to spread the message and to help explain to pet owners what to look for when giving treats to their beloved pets. Remember to read the labels, just because a treat is packaged in Canada, doesn’t mean that the product is made in Canada. So who knows what your pet is digesting when it’s not made here in Canada.

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Peter Kaufman owner of Buddy’s Kitchen on the rt. Maurizin Barbieri- executive pet chef – middle With Don.