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Big Dog Little Dog

This is the epitome of a “sit, stay, come” dog. How many things can you see wrong in this picture?

It always amazes me how people think it is “cute” when their little dog growls at people.  “Oh,” they say, “he’s protecting me!”  They wear it like a badge of honor.  Now, a big dog does that, not so cute.  It’s another case of how life is unfair in the dog world.  Little dogs get away with so much more. Which means the owners can be less accountable.  While big dog owners, have to be more cautious, and pay more attention on how their dog is perceived.  One growl and the dog may be deemed vicious.  If this happens guess who pays? Yep, the dog.  Or how about the owners that brags, that their dog is so spoiled?  In the days when I dog groomed, people would say this to me all the time.  Again, like it’s something to be proud of.


My standard comeback, cause they were paying customers, was, “ohhh….that’s what you have them for”., giggle giggle. Inside I was disgusted, yet, they were paying me a lot of money so I played nice.  Chances are, that when they were bragging about their lack of discipline towards their dog, their kids were also spoiled.  Don’t think there isn’t a correlation between how you raise your dog to raising your kid. I definitely saw the pattern, kooky dog, kooky owner, bratty kid. Now they tell me I generalize too much, but when you consistently see a pattern, you can’t help it.  So please dog owners, no matter what the size, please teach your dog to be socially acceptable. That doesn’t mean you have to turn it into what I term, a “sit, stay, come” dog, just a dog that respects you and your authority.   If they don’t feel they have to “protect” you, it makes for a more stable dog.


For what kind of pressure is that on a little dog to be in charge?  Trust me, you may think it’s cute, but just think of the dog being that upset all the time having to take on the world.  No fun, though you may think so.